Paper Response on Truths, Fictions, and Reasonable Doubts

The article “Art is a lie that permits us to state the truth” by Pablo Picasso is in the book titled “Pedro Meyer: truths, fictions, and reasonable doubts” by Joan Fontcuberta. The article focuses on quantifying photography and documentary, as well as the truth and fiction behind it. This book is one of the best that I have read so far.

Before reading the article, I viewed photography as a prime source of truth and accuracy. However, after reading Pablo’s excerpt, my opinion about photography was turned around. The article affects my life in that, in many occasions, my friends presents a photograph and reassure me that it is from a specific scene. However, I tend to believe them by face representation of the photograph. The article enlightened me that a photograph can be used to lure someone. General Franco displayed photographs of a city thousand miles away from Spain but insists they are from Guernica.

I agree with Fontcurberta that photography has permitted and facilitated deceit. I support the idea of the author that with the advanced technology, documentaries get exaggerated through modification of color and contrast. The article addresses my life in that I usually use the digital media so often in our family which the author praises if facilitates a solution to particular problems.

I enjoyed reading through the text and learned the history and advancement of photography with technology. This article is one of my inspirations, and I look forward to reading more excerpts and books from the same author. I would commend my fellow students to read through the text and get inspired by photography and its illusions, truth, and fictions.