According to the contents of the article, social media is not helping the company’s bottom line because of a number of reasons. One of the reasons is advert elasticity are often very low, which makes organizations persist with ineffective advertisements in the media.  Traditional offline consumer opinion surveys are better in terms of predicting sales than clicks and the number of website visits. The author also shows that Facebook and twitter as online means of advertisement are not reliable for a business as tweets and likes can be bought. The author also enumerates that social media is apparently about awareness and not sales. The implication of the above-mentioned statement is social media only helps in promoting a product, but does not entail the reassurance that the commodity will be sold. Thus, it is true that the social media is not helping the organization’s bottom line.

What was the product, medium and why was the advertisement successful?

I was ones prompted by a social media to purchase a pair of shoes, i.e. Facebook. The source of medium in this case was Facebook and the product was a pair of sports shoes which were on promotion. The advertisement strategy was successful as the contents of the advert were clear, in terms of visibility and the price was pocket friendly as well. Furthermore, it was during the holidays, and hence, I was influenced by the fact that my nephew had visited so I opted to purchase the pair of shoes for him. Therefore, the success of the advert was based on time, clarity, and affordable price. In my case, I can say that the advert was appropriate as it enabled me to purchase the sports shoes for my nephew.