Writing as a Lifestyle


If I had to describe myself, I would say that I’m a writer. This is my ultimate passion – creating stories of individuals whose lives can inspire and guide us. In fact, I reckon that being a writer is similar to being an architect that constructs worlds. And that is, of course, one of the reasons that motivated me to start this blog.

Writing allows me to escape this world whilst enabling me to reconnect with myself, uncover my deepest, rawest thoughts and feelings. Plus, when I write, the options are limitless. There are no boundaries or limits to imagining the lives of different people, what one would do in a given situation or circumstances. And this plays a role in opening your mind, making your more empathic towards other people and what they go through. When I write, I travel in time, I discover other people’s insights and get to invoke a range of settings and backgrounds, and the way in which they personalities. Trying to anticipate what another person would do in a specific situation is mind-blowing.

Living as an observer

Still, in order to accomplish this, one has to live as an observer. That’s because even a typical moment can trigger your inspiration. And it’s the smallest details that give a text its authenticity and rawness. So, I always take in even the smallest detail of this world surrounding me, and the people in it. I came to realize that the things that often go unnoticed can be the ones that matter the most. And this perception allows me to share authentic, genuine thoughts that are enriching to my readers. Because this is a writer’s ultimate goal – to be relevant, and have a meaningful bond with one’s readers.

The main aspect that generated my keen interest in writing and observing people was reading. Reading took me to different places, cultures, and allowed me to get into the minds of people going through certain situations. On that note, I enjoy analyzing books, writing essays on novels, compelling characters and individuals, and the experience that shapes them. Writing a college essay, to me, is a sheer enjoyment.